How to Grow Your Practice in the Land of the Giants

Paul Martin, MPT, CBI, M&AMI
President, Martin Healthcare Advisors, LLC

Speaker Bio

Date:  Friday, September 28, 2018
Time: 10:20 AM to 11:20 AM
Instruction level: Intermediate


In the past, market positioning meant finding an underserved market where you could simply offer good care nearby. But that strategy fails when a big competitor opens or buys a clinic in the same area—and we estimate that national companies will open more than 1,000 start-up clinics in 2018 alone. To successfully grow in this new saturated market environment, practice owners must shift their focus from looking for a place that’s underserved to looking for people who are underserved. After all, no one practice can be all things to all patients. We call this new strategy “Market Positioning 2.0”—that is, identifying patients and referral sources who are not well served by the national companies and focusing your practice to best serve them. However, that must start with analyzing who you already serve well—and doubling down on your commitment to them.

In this session, attendees will learn a framework for gaining fresh, new insights into their market as well as strategies for continuing to grow by focusing on the patients and referral sources who will never be well served by what the national companies are offering.


  1. Identify the practice components that are necessary to compete in a particular market.
  2. Analyze the specific market segments that you serve most and best.
  3. Create a strategy to capture more patients from the specific market segments that you best serve.