False Claims Act: Effective Compliance Programs and Recent Government Cases Involving Rehabilitation Providers

James Rough, CFE, CHC, CCEP
President, SunHawk Consulting, LLC

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Veda Collmer, OT
Chief Compliance Officer, WebPT

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Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
Time: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Instruction level: Basic


Compliance is a hot-button topic for all healthcare providers, including rehab therapists. After all, non-compliance can cause serious problems from a revenue standpoint as well as a reputation one. Unfortunately, compliance in the healthcare sector is often a moving target as regulations are ever-changing and ever-increasing. That’s why every rehab professional must not only understand the current compliance landscape, but also have a plan in place to ensure all claims are compliant—all the time.

To that end, this course provides attendees with a history of government enforcement of false claims—with a focus on investigation and prosecution of rehabilitation providers. Additionally, this course defines the requirements of implementing a compliance program to reduce false or improper claims and outlines the seven elements of an effective compliance program.


  1. Recognize industry-specific risks of false claims enforcement.
  2. Identify government agencies enforcing healthcare fraud regulations.
  3. Describe the seven elements of an effective compliance program.