Digital Marketing Strategies for the Modern PT Practice

Ryan Klepps, PT, DPT
Director of Product Management – PRM, WebPT

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Scott Hebert, PT, DPT
Director of Product Management – PRM, WebPT

Speaker Bio

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2018
Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM
Instruction level: Intermediate


In the age of the patient-consumer, physical therapy practices can no longer afford to rely solely on physician referrals to support new patient flow. Faced with increased financial responsibility, patients are taking their healthcare decisions into their own hands—and they’re taking to the Internet to research their options. That means your practice needs to have not only a strong online presence, but also a solid plan for nurturing and converting potential new patients who find you online. In this session, you’ll learn strategies for attracting potential patients to your online properties (e.g., website, review profiles, landing pages, and social media pages) and then guiding those patients toward conversion (i.e., purchasing your services).


  1. Design automated email marketing campaigns that help convert prospects into patients
  2. Identify three acquisition channels you can impact via digital marketing.
  3. Describe the marketing funnel and how you can use it to improve patient acquisition efforts.