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Historically, Ascend attendees are the ones influencing the future of their companies’ business and strategic success. They’re the movers and shakers of the rehab therapy industry, and they hail from a wide variety of companies—both established and startup—including sole-practitioner clinics, multi-site private practices, and hospital-based facilities, where they work as single clinic owners, executives, therapists, front office staff, and billing managers. In other words, whatever your role—and whatever your company structure—if you’re a rehab therapy professional who wants to take your practice and your profession to the next level, Ascend is for you.

Practice Owners

  • Learn revenue-boosting tactics that’ll actually scale with your growing business.
  • Gain realistic, relatable advice from peers and experts.
  • Prepare your practice for the regulatory changes on the horizon.

“We will not miss Ascend. We gain so much insight about what is coming in our industry, and about what other successful practice owners are doing.”

Mike Manzo, MPT, Owner, Atlantic Physical Therapy

Future Practice Owners

  • Learn strategies for not only running your future business but also growing it.
  • Network with industry leaders and successful private practice owners to gain realistic, relatable advice.

“Best coordinated conference I’ve been to. Great combination of idea sharing, course content, and networking.”

Kyra Robb, Clinical Manager, NCEPT Physical Therapy

Therapy Providers

  • Increase your value to employers by understanding the business side of practice.
  • Gain valuable career-planning insight.
  • Prepare yourself for the regulatory changes on the horizon.

“Excellent networking opportunities with progressive-thinking professionals—outstanding organization with great speakers and fun additional events.”

Matthew Fothergill, PT, DPT

Front Office Staff

  • Discover ways to improve your front office workflow.
  • Gain valuable career-planning insight.
  • Prepare yourself for the regulatory changes on the horizon.

“The round table sessions offer the best opportunity to ask questions that pertain specifically to our needs. I love hearing how other clinics do certain things and just being able to share all of that is fabulous. I would have to say that’s my favorite part!”

Charity Russell, Office Manager, Sports & Performance Physical Therapy

Therapy Business Executives

  • Learn strategies for optimizing workflows and leveraging tech in multi-clinic or hospital-based practices.
  • Sharpen your leadership and hiring skills to ensure excellent company culture and streamlined communication.

“The networking that goes on at Ascend is excellent. It’s easy to talk to like-minded therapists and business owners, programmers, and employees, and share experiences, pitfalls, and successes.”

Neil Washington, PT, Director of Outpatient Programming, Northeast Rehab Hospital Network

Therapy Billers

  • Learn strategies for improving your workflow and revenue cycle management processes.
  • Increase your value to employers by learning how to better engage with patients—and improve payments.
  • Gain valuable career-planning insight.

“We really feel like WebPT is on the cutting edge. If something new happens, we rely on WebPT to educate us.”

Heather Hackworth, Patient Account Manager, Berryville Physical Therapy & Wellness

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