TaVona Boggs


Life Coach and Founder | Wellness PT Society

TaVona Denise Boggs, PT, is on a mission to save as many physical therapists as she can from burnout, boredom, and glass ceilings. As a physical therapist, certified life coach, and business mentor, TaVona has developed a unique perspective when it comes to these issues. And with her background as a clinician, assistant clinic director, and contractor in multiple settings over the past 18 years, she’s able to relate to the burnout many providers are experiencing.
TaVona uses her background in health care, more than 10 years of experience engaging with non-traditional business models, and experiential knowledge of success principles to help rehab professionals develop what she calls “thrival” skills. Her signature approach aims to help ambitious clinicians overcome the intangible barriers to success in their life and career.


Friday, September 20, 2019


Beating Burnout

2:00–2:40 PM

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