Shawn Burger


Vice President of Outpatient Division | Burger Physical Therapy

Shawn Burger, PT, DPT, CSCS, received his master’s degree in physical therapy in 1998 from Loma Linda University School of Allied Health. Today, he operates Burger Physical Therapy, one of the largest private practices in California with a current team of more than 400 employees, providing outpatient, acute, and long-term care rehab services. Shawn led the early adoption of electronic health records, becoming one of the first practices in California to adopt a solution in 2003.
Shawn has a personal interest in identifying value-added solutions to rehab therapy. He has extensive experience working with HMO and Capitation contracts and teaches others how to maximize best practices. He currently lectures internationally on various topics related to manual therapy, rehab, and business management solutions. Shawn lives with his wife and two children in Northern California.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Alternative Revenue Streams Panel

11:35–12:35 PM

Instruction Level:  intermediate
Today’s most successful physical therapy clinics are taking a page from the mutual fund playbook: diversify your portfolio to improve growth and manage risk. There are only so many hours in a day, so finding ways to incorporate cash-pay services, retailing, specialized offerings, and membership models could help you attract and retain more patients across the full continuum of care, all while increasing revenue.
In this panel, attendees will learn how three business-savvy therapists added new services to their practices and how that impacted revenue growth. These therapists will share their stories about identifying and implementing new revenue streams—everything from specializing in one sport and building multiple offerings around that to adding cash-pay services and retail offerings. Hear what they learned along the way—the dos and don’ts of diversifying a practice—and the impact it made on their patients and their business.
  1. Evaluate ideas for adding additional revenue streams to their practice.
  2. Determine which types of new services could work in their business.
  3. Summarize the dos and don’ts from panelists who have varied their clinical offering to increase revenue.

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