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In 1993, Paul Martin decided to expand his three-clinic rehab company in NJ. During the next three years, he added 18 new clinics before partnering with NovaCare in 1996. In 2000, Paul founded Martin Healthcare Advisors (MHA) to provide consulting and M&A advisory services to the rehab industry. He and his team have helped more than 500 rehabilitation business owners grow and prosper using MHA’s strategic planning and execution. As a consultant, mentor, and speaker, Paul draws from his history of success in rehabilitation transactions, business development, and operations to teach business owners how to create significant organizational value.


Saturday, September 21, 2019

Mergers & Acquisitions in 2020 – How to Know When the Time is Right for You

10:00–11:30 AM

Instruction level: Intermediate

The physical therapy industry currently has more than 20 active acquirers—and the national market remains strong for sellers. However, individual regional markets blow hot and cold (a.k.a. good and bad) based on several local factors. This presentation will help you monitor those factors in your regional market and determine the optimal time to sell.
Some factors driving buyer interest—like reimbursements—apply to every seller in your market, so we’ll teach you how you can adapt to make those factors work in your favor. Other factors are totally specific to the buyers who are currently interested in your geography and the unique strategy each has for growth. Some seek multiple acquisitions quickly; others are slowing and transitioning to opening their own new clinics. Additionally, some are seeking contiguous geographic growth, some are staying local to a state or a region, and some are leapfrogging across multiple states and into new markets.
While you can’t control the best time to sell, you can certainly position your company to achieve the best possible deal with your best partner for the future. Following this session, attendees will be able to make informed decisions about when to sell their companies based on new insights into the ongoing developments in their regional markets.
  1. Evaluate local, large companies and determine what their next moves may be—as well as how those moves might impact attendee’s company.
  2. Create a list of criteria that is most important in determining which acquirer is the best match.
  3. Identify necessary performance improvements and develop attributes to improve value in the current market.

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