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Founder and CEO | HARTZ Physical Therapy

As the Founder and CEO of HARTZ Physical Therapy, Brian Hartz, PT, MPT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, has been in private practice physical therapy for almost 20 years. His stellar employee engagement strategies have helped his business thrive in an extremely competitive market—all while maintaining very low staff turnover. In fact, to date, Brian has never lost a physical therapist. Over the years, he has spoken nationally about his one-of-a-kind employee engagement and retention strategies, which transform employees into masters of marketing and build unparalleled company culture. In addition to achieving outstanding staff retention and employee satisfaction levels, HARTZ PT has also volunteered more than 15,000 hours in the community and donated more than $200,000 to local charities. In 2018, Brian also founded Employees First Consulting to help business owners and managers empower their employees to grow both personally and professionally—all while becoming better advocates for their business.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Are Your Managers Killing Your Company Culture?

10:25–11:25 AM

Instruction Level: Intermediate

As practice owners, we know we can’t do it all and that delegation is an important part of keeping balance in our lives. However, putting that into action can be tough. Our practice’s mission and culture starts at the top, but how do we ensure that our values filter down through the ranks to each employee in every one of our clinics? By empowering our managers. If you’ve ever thought there might be a disconnect between your vision as the owner of the business and the implementation of that vision throughout the entire practice, then you should attend this course. After all, employees leave managers—not companies. To that end, this course will help practice owners:

  • Motivate managers to go above and beyond for the success of the practice;
  • Provide managers with the resources they need to successfully manage their employees;
  • Continue to grow their business without sacrificing company culture; and
  • Increase employee retention and the ability to attract new employees.


  1. Recognize the limitations of popular management models.
  2. Identify the role managers play in building company culture.
  3. Apply best practices for implementing management coaching to increase performance and drive employee engagement.

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