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President | Wellness Works Management Partners

A published author, internationally known motivational speaker, and proven private practice strategist, Brandon Seigel has more than fifteen years of experience consulting, managing, and leading entrepreneurs to the next level. Currently, Brandon manages multiple private practices and consults with entrepreneurs and private practices throughout the world. He is recognized as a leader in today’s private practice environment and is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer for organizations, associations, and universities. Brandon’s specialty is supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs as they structure and scale private practices in the health, wellness, and education sectors. He has been featured by CBS Money Watch—as well as several other media outlets—and recognized for his forward-thinking, innovative solutions and ability to use communication to empower change.


Friday, September 20, 2019

Making Metrics Matter: Strategies For Utilizing Metrics To Maximize Productivity and Reimbursement

2:50–4:25 PM

Instruction Level: Intermediate

What would happen if our cars didn’t have fuel gauges? Or our phones didn’t have GPS? Many of us would run out of gas—and get lost in the process. That’s why we need metrics—they serve as navigational tools to help us understand where we’re heading and what we need to get there. In the private practice realm, those practices with clear and consistent metrics will have a built-in barometer for success.

In fact, in today’s ever-evolving healthcare environment, the top private practices depend on metrics to evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) as they align with their vision, mission, goals, and benchmarks for clinical, financial, and patient success. Furthermore, as technology and innovation reach new levels, machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming key contributors in healthcare analytics, which empower greater quality of care and operational efficiency.

This session is designed to help participants identify the essential metrics in today’s private practice environment—as well as where to gather data, how to use it, and best practices for maximizing productivity and reimbursement through qualitative and quantitative analytics. Attendees will also learn about key trends in data analytics, including why we’re seeing an increase in machine learning and AI in health care.


  1. Describe essential private practice metrics—as well as strategies for data analytics implementation.
  2. Apply metrics for negotiating with payers.
  3. Identify key trends in healthcare data analytics—including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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